As a card-carrying GEEK, it is my right… nay, it is my RESPONSIBILITY to complain about the most insignificant and trivial of details when it comes to movies, books, comics, video games, and particularly in my case, board games.

Look at the most passionate geeks out there and that’s what they do – criticize and complain and nit-pick.  I can only surmise that any geek worth his salt would do the same, right?

comicbookguy (1)

I’m glad to say I have failed you. Once, I was that guy. I’ve stopped railing the insignificant. I now read a long dissertation about how Disney has sold-out on the Star Wars franchise with the latest movie and I just shake my head like a normal person would. Like a normal person, for goodness sakes!

I am still OG – Original Geek, but I just can’t get fired up to wail relentlessly about how the movie, Solo was a Disney cash-grab, or complain in detail about the poor quality of components in most Stronghold Games, or elaborate the less-than-good plot in the last season of Netflix’s Daredevil. There was a time I would do it with abandon. With abandon, I say! What changed?

Now, I am 54 years old. I have grown complacent and that is what has changed. I see what I couldn’t see as a young person – life is ending one Facebook post, one Reddit post, one blog, one tweet at a time.

I don’t care if someone thinks Picard was a greater captain than Kirk or that the rebooted Star Trek movies are flawed because they are incongruous with the original series.  Post away to blogs and Instagram. Fill Youtube with your scathing commentary.  My life is more than half over – I don’t have time for such qualms and I dare say that if you get to be my age, you will regret this time spent debating the inconsequential and wish you had used that energy for something more valorous. I certainly do.

So, regrets aside – where am I? I like some things and I don’t like other things but you know, if someone disagrees, so what?  It is only opinion and there is no right or wrong. When it comes to geeky stuff, it matters even less. “Avengers: Infinity Wars” was a dumb, depressing movie or it was insightful and inspired. Opinion. I’m not debating that. Move on.

Even now, I still bear my GEEK card with honor, not for all the dumb, pointless tirades about Walking Dead losing its edginess but for my heartfelt love of fantastic imaginings, which is all Sci-Fi and Fantasy is. I can love what I love without having to rebuttal everyone who doesn’t agree. And that’s fine.

Life is short. It’s getting shorter all the time. If we’re going to fight about or for something, let’s make it something worth believing in, something that makes the real world a better place for us, our loved ones, or those who come after us. I hope this blog post does that for someone.  That would be amazing.

Copyright Mitch Lavender © 2018

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