“I’m Just Pretending” – a Review of Mustang Creek Estates Assisted Living Community in Keller, Texas

Note that this is a departure from what I normally post to my blog, but in addition to filing a formal complaint with the state, I think it’s important to share this review every place I can, so here we go.

Mustang Creek Estates on Rapp Rd. in Keller, Texas is an assisted living facility for elderly and handicapped individuals. On first inspection of the facilities, they appeared to be acceptable. However, problems became evident shortly after admitting my aged mother in July-August of 2022 for assisted care in Building E of the complex.

The caregivers were negligent in giving my mother her medications at times.  This was evident when I acquired (with much resistance from Mustang Creek) the medical administration records, which showed they never gave her blood pressure medication and rarely took her blood pressure. One time the caregiver had taken her BP, looked at the reading, and said, “I don’t know what this means. I’m just pretending.”

“I don’t know what this means. I’m just pretending” is an applicable theme for Mustang Creek in all they do. They promise to check in with the residents every two hours. This does not happen, and there have been stretches of twelve or more hours with no one checking on my mother, despite her pressing her call button.  A caregiver also took the call button away from her for the evening/night shift and only returned it after she insisted on it.  One evening they did not serve her dinner, and she called me at 8:30 p.m.  I had to go to Mustang Creek and ask them to bring her food.  One caregiver told me, “I don’t work in this building and didn’t know that room was occupied.” The other caregiver ignored the call button for a few hours and told me the food was not brought to her because they “didn’t have time.”

They promise to do laundry every week and as needed, and this does not happen. Instead, they take the dirty laundry, which is days until it is returned to the resident. In addition, they frequently lose clothes, sheets, and towels or bring her other people’s laundry by mistake. As a result, on multiple occasions, my mother didn’t have anything clean to wear or sheets to put on her bed, despite her having multiple sets available. When addressed with the staff, some caregivers openly admit this is a problem inherent in Mustang Creek, not just this building.

They also promise to do a “deep clean” of the room every week or as needed, and this also does not happen.  Even “light” cleaning is rarely done.  This is even more concerning because of the lack of sanitary measures – they put on gloves, provide incontinence care, then bring a resident a plate of food or touch things in the room while wearing those same dirty gloves they used to touch soiled diapers.   Soiled items from this care are thrown onto the carpet in the room regularly.  In almost three months of residence, they vacuumed her room precisely once.

Then there is incontinence care, which is spotty at best. Particularly at night, checks and changes are infrequent, sometimes going for ten or more hours and resulting in wet bedding and night clothes that need to be changed and washed. It would not be this way if the care were up to the standard Mustang Creek promises. Often, they throw soiled items from this care in open trash cans, leaving them there for days to fester and stink, along with the soiled clothes and linens which result from lack of adequate care.

I have determined that the problems at Mustang Creek Estates in Keller are systemic. They have two caregivers on hand to care for 12-16 residents. That involves all cooking, cleaning, laundry, incontinence care, medicine distribution, and other care. That is too much for two people. Couple that with the unfortunate truth that the caregivers are not well trained or don’t care (or both), and you get inadequate care for your loved one. They have one washer and one dryer in each building for all residents’ laundry, most soiling their clothes and bedding daily. It’s not enough.

After repeated discussions with the caregivers and administration brought no change in the quality of the care, other than to generate some childish passive aggressiveness each time we asked for some basic task to be done for my mother, I made other arrangements and moved her out, paying the penalty of the required 30-day notice.

During my mother’s stay at Mustang Creek Estates in Keller, I had a camera in the room (a legal right I encourage everyone to leverage), and we recorded video/audio of repeated negligence on the part of the staff.   Everything mentioned here, I witnessed personally, recorded on video, or both.

If you are considering Mustang Creek in Keller, I encourage you to keep looking elsewhere. Mustang Creek Estates in Keller is rotten to the core.


One thought on ““I’m Just Pretending” – a Review of Mustang Creek Estates Assisted Living Community in Keller, Texas

  1. Mitch
    I believe this isn’t so very different here, in Oz. God save us from ever having to enter one. Myself? I am saving medication to sedate me after I work out how to attach a hose to the exhaust of my car, should that need arise. No misnomer of ‘A Care-home’.

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