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About Mitch:

Mitch Lavender lives with his wife in a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas.  He has worked in the IT industry since 1993 and has been writing short stories since he was seven.  He’s still at the writing thing, and he’s still at the IT thing, too.

He enjoys reading many authors, but his favorites include Chuck Palahniuk, Max Brooks, H.G. Wells, Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, Mark Twain, and Dan Brown.  Just kidding about Dan Brown.

He likes cake.  He does not like zombies or clowns, even if they have cake.

About the Blog, has been around since December of 2011 and is described as a writer’s survival blog. I blog about whatever interests me, often regarding the art and business of writing fiction.  Sometimes I post about my experiences with whatever WIP I am working on at the time.  I read as much as possible and review books I like (if I don’t like a book, I probably won’t finish it).  Still, you’ll see one-off posts about movies, games, and clowns (because they creep me out).

Ultimately, I started this blog to promote my writing, but it’s become more of a cathartic outlet to help me think through the stuff banging around in my head.  Hopefully, this stuff is of interest to you, too.  I welcome your comments.

Blog: Life in Sixty-Four Square Feet
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Short Stories Published

The Depths – published in Red Fez, 2017

Bad to Worse – published in Road Trip, 2011, by Static Movement & Pill Hill Press

Can We Talk?, Self-Loathing and That New Car Smell
He is Sleeping Better Than Me  – published in Pot Luck, an Anthology, 2011, by Static Movement & Pill Hill Press

Necromancer – published in Unquiet Earth, an Anthology of Living Dead Flash Edition, 2011, by Static Movement & Pill Hill Press

Red-Blooded Redneck Writing4All : Best of 2010

Rubber Dog Balls – Writing4All Best of 2011

Worth Writing About – Outburst! Magazine, issue 5, Jan 2011

Breaking the Rules Outburst!  Magazine, issue 3, July 2010

It Begins
Send In The ClownsThe Infection, 2011 – Pantoum Press

Breathe – Red Fez, Issue 49, Sept. 2012

Non-Fiction Published

Online Gaming Challenge Magazine #65

So I Lied
Door Number Three Thought Catalog


Books Published

Find My Baby (2013) – Currently OOP

It Didn’t Happen This Way – Untrue Stories, Vol. One (Pantoum Press), 2012
(available in e-book and print versions from Amazon and other fine booksellers)


Death Zone and Other Stories (Pantoum Press), 2011
(available in e-book and print versions from Amazon and other fine booksellers)

Coming maybe, someday.  Who knows?:

Undertaking Hartford – Book One of The Risen


13 thoughts on “Read About Mitch Lavender

  1. I read your “Door No. 3.” This is a truth worth acknowledging. And yes, everyone has a savant ability–usually useless. I found mine was catching things before they fall. If I’m within, say five feet of a falling drink, I’m Spider Man. Otherwise, I’m useless.

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  3. Hey Mitch! This is awesome! I have a question though: do you ever post fiction that hasn’t already been published? And if so, how do you keep it from being stolen? I’d like to post a few short stories, but I’m paranoid about people stealing things–not that my stories are worth stealing, but they’re my babies and I’m protective.

    • Hi there. Technically, posting a piece of writing to a blog is publishing it, so you can’t off first publishing writes to anyone else if you do that.
      I post previously published pieces because rights revert back to the author, and not many magazines or publication want a piece that has already been used somewhere else.
      As for stealing your work, it could happen but you have to take a chance if you want to be read.
      Hope that helps.


  4. I’m with you on the clowns thing. Zombies I like. Clown zombies… still undecided. If they have cake, it’s obviously a plus. Congrats on the publications, and a really terrific blog. Looking forward to pushing the “follow” button, Mitch. Cheers to you and best wishes in the New Year for you and your family.

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