Cubify 3D Systems Offers Personalized, 3D Printed Star Trek Figurines

Not long ago, a guy published the plans for making a working gun with no metal parts using a 3D printer.  But who wants that, except terrorists and bad guys?  Sometimes, the coolest stuff has no real application at all.

Take, for example, the latest offering from Cubify 3D Systems – Star Trek figurines with your face.  All you have to provide is two pictures of yourself, $70, and your preferences on pose, shirt, etc, and they print up a little you in Original Star Trek duds.

I’m not going have one made myself, not that I don’t think it cool, but I did something like it a couple of years ago with my Xbox avatar, and well, there are only so many action figures one can have of themselves before it gets weird.

Actually, it’s already weird with just one.

Want to be weird, too?  Make yourself into an action figure, HERE.

Kiss $70 goodbye on a useless piece of plastic. But it’s cool.

You were saying?

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