Chuck Palahniuk Reads Guts (Welcome to 2014!)

Chuck Palahniuk holds his head high while saying people have fainted during public readings of his story, Guts.

I think Guts is a milestone for Chuck, and based on the fact that he is still reading this story at public appearances promoting his latest novel, Doomed – I’m right. He is proud of this one.

The story, Guts, appeared in Playboy Magazine March, 2004. It also was part of the novel, Haunted, released in 2005.

For the uninitiated or those who are fans of transgressive fiction, this is Guts, read, by the author, Chuck Palahniuk and  I warn you, this gets gross in unexpected, shocking ways.

Note that this recording is terrible and shakes, goes out of focus and the audio has too much echo. There are better quality recordings of this story available, but none I found were complete and read by the author. As bad a recording as it is, I suggest the first over the second, but the second is professionally read and of much better audio quality.

Inhale.  Take in as much air as you can.  Then, click a link below and listen. 

And by the way, WELCOME TO 2014!


Chuck Palahniuk reading Guts on his Doomed tour in Milwaukee, WI 10/12/13


The professionally read, audio-only version:

GUTS by Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk Reads His Short Story, ‘Romance’


Clocking in at 28:43, this is Chuck reading the entire story, Romance, previously published in Playboy Magazine.  I wish I was brave enough to write with such abandon.

The Pitch: From Fight Club author, Chuck Palahniuk comes a love story for our time: After his girlfriend dies from cancer John finds himself overweight and thrust back into a hopeless world. When a girl who claims to be Britney Spears hits on him, he can’t believe his luck. She looks like a supermodel and parties like Hollywood. The only reason she doesn’t dump him for someone more attractive is he keeps the party rolling… or at least that’s the story he’s sticking with.

I dig it when an author reads his own work and this was like a rare scotch to me  – or like a zucchini canoe filled with Iroquois.   However you want to look at it.


Chuck Palahniuk reads his short story, Romance to a live audience (location\date unknown)


Puppet show!  Magic trick!

Note that Romance has been made into a short film by Andy Mingo.  Check it out, here.