Unplugged From Social Media Update: Day 51– First World Problems

On May 3, I decided to go three months without Facebook, Twitter, Pintrist, Reddit or Goodreads  to see if removing these obvious distractions from my routine helps me focus and be more productive.  Here’s how it’s gone so far.

It’s true, I haven’t laid eyes on a status update in 51 days.  I’m disconnected from my friends in the virtual world and those are the ones I miss most, but that is such a first world problem, isn’t it?

“I have to get dressed so that I don’t look too lazy when I go out to pay the gardener.”

“My laptop battery only lasts for four hours and the flight is five hours long.”

“The fact that I’m paying money for Hulu+ and I have to watch political campaign ads fills me with suicidal despair.”

“I can’t see my friend’s status updates on Facebook or Twitter.”

See?  First World Problems.

Besides, I signed up for Instagram last night. Hey, don’t judge.  It’s not on my unplugged list.

“I had to use the iPad, because the Instagram APIs only allow you to create an account in their application, and there is no Instagram app on Windows phone or Windows 8.”

Another FWP.  If you’re on Instagram, friend me.  I only have one friend right now, and he’s my cousin.  It’s lonely.  So lonely.

And now, the Unplugged Memes of the Week:

Unplugged-Mitch Please


unplugged-creepy scout guy