Reality is Far More Frightening than Conspiracy

More and more, I hear talk of nefarious conspiracies.  I have to admit, it is good fodder for a story.

Shadow governments or Illuminati are controlling global affairs. Aliens from other planets are mutilating our cattle and kidnapping people to probe their anuses.  Reptilian elite from another dimension are jockeying for positions to control our world. 



It’s instinctual for humans to put reason to the unreasonable – to try to explain what cannot be explained. We have wonderful imaginations.

Is it because shadow governments, invading space aliens or creatures from another dimension are raiding us, creating huge market swings and economic instability? Or could it be that our market is tremendously volatile, flawed and erected on unstable ground?

Conspiracy is a comfortable, if somewhat extreme, explanation for the difficult questions. It’s an easy out.

The hard truth to consider is that our world is in ongoing chaos and no one is in control. We are all passengers on the bus, careening down the road and no one is driving. Yes, there are influences, but no one is in the driver’s seat.

Occam’s razor, folks. Settle in and buckle up, I say. We are spinning through space at 1,040.4 mph, orbiting the sun at 66,600 mph, and yet, I do not spill my coffee. Every single day we do not blow ourselves up or get taken out by a random asteroid is amazing.