Thank You, Murphy

Murphy was a Rat Terrier we got as a puppy. He died in October of 2017 when he was 10 years old.

murphy 3

Thank you, Murphy.  Thanks for protecting the backyard from squirrels, birds, and neighbors doing things on the other side of the fence.  You would bark and protect us all.  Never once did a squirrel, bird, neighbor or delivery person harm us.  Thank you.

Thank you, Murphy. Thanks for letting me stick gummi bears to your head. Good times.

Thank you, Murphy.  Thanks for all the times you would curl up next to me in bed even though I said not to.  You did anyway and I petted you and it helped me quiet my mind, relax, and go to sleep.  Thanks for that.

Thank you, Murphy.  Thanks for the times that my wife and I would have cross words with each other and you would lick us right in the face and make us laugh and forget why we were upset in the first place.  That was pretty cool. Thanks.

Thank you, Murphy. Thanks for all love, laughter, comfort, kisses, and joy you brought our family.

Tumors. They are horrible assassins that wait in the shadows and stab, and stab, and stab. I’m sorry I held on to you as long as I did but I wanted you to beat it and survive. You didn’t. You got worse, so, one Saturday afternoon, I took you to the vet and ended your pain. I cried like a child.

Now, your work is done.  Good dog. It’s time for you to rest, Murphy.  Sleep tight, my boy. You’ll be missed more than my words can express.

© copyright 2017, Mitch Lavender

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