Card Game Review: Pairs by CheapAss Games

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Pairs FruitPhoto

Pairs (created by James Ernest by CheapAss Games, $10) is a simple card game that in March of 2014 with a $12k funding goal, and it rapidly escalated to being a Kickstarter phenomenon, raising an amazing $332k and 7,781 backers before it closed. Of course I was caught up in the hysteria and backed it. It was a fun Kickstarter to be a part of as it sailed past stretch goal after stretch goal, unlocking decks with different themes and art to choose from. I backed at the $16 level, for one copy of the game in the deck theme of my choice.


Recently, my copy of the game arrived in the mail. Of the 12 different themes available, I selected the Barmaids Deck, because it had beer and pretty girls on the cards. It was a decision that made itself, really.

Advertised as being a new…

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