Blogging Awards–The Real and the Fabricated

There are two kinds of blog awards.

One, where specific blogs are nominated via given policies and procedures, and a panel of blog enthusiasts judge and select a winner.  Getting a nomination of this caliber is indeed an honor, and getting the award is a celebratory distinction.  

The other form of blog awards are pyramid schemes, working like a virus:

  1. Someone who has a blog is given the <whatevever> award by literally anybody at all.
  2. Receiving the <whatevever> award, the recipient  must answer some  questions about themselves in a post on their own blog.
  3. The recipient must give  a certain number of blogs the distinction of this <whatevever> award (I have seen this number be as many as 20, but usually 10 or less), burdening those receiving bloggers with the obligation of answering questions and further propagating the <whatevever> award by giving it to another n of blogs.

award-for-whateverNote that the later award has no validity whatsoever,  serving as an excuse to answer some vain questions.  Of course, this appeals to bloggers and they fall for it, over and over, and these meritless awards continue to spread around the blogoshere.  They are exactly like the Facebook posts that say things like, If you love your mother, share this post on your wall.

If you want to do a self-interview or tell the world how interesting you are, do so.  Hell, it is your blog and you can do what you want, but do not do so because a meaningless award showed up in a comment, and if you do get one of these awards, please don’t propagate it. I promise from this date foreword, I’ll black hole any of these type of awards the blog receives.

Look, I’m not out to rain on the parades of people who are overjoyed they got some award from the ether.  Really, I am not, but I do think people who fall for it eventually realize how naïve they were to do so.   As bloggers, we are all vain, but let’s not be vain over some non-award, k?  Let’s.


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