Short Story: It Didn’t Have to End Like This–Part Three

This is a story I started during the Nanowrimo Marathon on April 12, 2014. Current word count is 2600 words, but it’s not finished.  I will be posting the story in parts of about 600-1000 words, twice a week. As I write new parts, I’ll also post those.

A big, bobble-head nod to the movies, Alien and Body Snatchers, and the books by David Wong that influenced this write.

I hope you like it.

Links to previously parts of It Didn’t Have to End Like This:

Part One Part Two Part Three




Why wasn’t this on the news? That’s a very good question. Shortly after this incident, two black helicopters landed on the helipads and four men in black suits approached the building. They took the video I recorded and the bodies. In fact, they took all the video recorded anywhere in the hospital, parking lot or from surrounding businesses near the hospital.

They also took everyone on the floor away to be inspected. Black vans pulled up and men in hazmat suits took them away. I was on a different floor, so they didn’t take me.

The thing is – no one said, don’t talk about it. I mean, they took all the video and the bodies and stuff, but didn’t say to keep quiet. So, obviously, people called news shows and were interviewed, live on TV. Each story differed a little from the others, and most people only had seen a small part of what happened. Most of it involved the Men in Black more than anything supernatural or… crabby.

I didn’t want to get involved in the circus, so I kept quiet. Instead, I posted about it online. picked it up and ran with it, but it’s all the conspiracy theorists and nut-jobs that keyed in on it, forming their own theories and extrapolating it to great extent.

See? You do remember the news stories about the black helicopters at the hospital, don’t you?

There’s a lot more to tell, but this is usually enough. Either you will acknowledge the brain crabs or you won’t. So let’s make it easy – if you don’t believe me, leave. I’ve got the check. If you do believe me, then stay and pay the check.

Well, it’s been thirty seconds by my watch, and you are still here. Are you ordering another bottle of wine? Yes, Riesling is fine. Fresh glasses, please?

What? Yes, I did say I would tell you why I never called after our first date. No, I have not done that, yet.

So here it is – it’s because of my dog.

Wait, let me back up. I really like you, and that’s why I asked you out. That’s not a joke – you’ve got a very sexy smile, and I like the way you handle the microphone. I was the new guy in the office – having quit my previous job at the hospital because well, you know. You were nice to me. Introduced me around. Made me feel welcome.

So that was all real. But my dog – remember my dog? Buddy? You met him that night, when you came home with me. Buddy, my dog – he’s a sensitive animal. I don’t mean that he is a wuss or anything, but he is a sensitive dog and can tell when I’m sad or upset.

The thing about Buddy – he’s a good judge of character, but he gives everyone a chance. He’s a thinker, wise in a canine sort of way. Yes, he drinks from the toilet but you know what I mean, and he knows when someone has an alien brain crab up in their noggin, steering the ship, you know? He knows and he won’t have anything to do with them. You might remember – he didn’t like you at all.

That’s when I asked you leave, said I didn’t feel good – would call you later. And didn’t. Of course I wasn’t going to have sex with you. You have crabs!

How do I know Buddy doesn’t have a brain crab too? I’ve had other experiences outside of that day at the hospital. I don’t think the crabs like dogs or cats. Not sure about monkeys or chimpanzees – but you definitely want people.

Don’t look so sad. You knew it couldn’t work out. Me, a big city dork with commitment issues and you, a scaly crab from another dimension. Star-crossed from the beginning.

Yes, I said you were from another dimension. Wine? Yes please. I do enjoy a dry Riesling.

–end part three–

© 2014, Mitch Lavender


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