Romance–Short Movie made from Chuck Palahniuk’s story

Last year, I posted a link to a video of Chuck Palahniuk, reading his short story, Romance.  The story had been previously published in Playboy.

Andy Mingo made a short movie (26:32) based on this story, and it’s tight. 

This is a true romantic comedy, Chuck Palahniuk style. The author of Fight Club brings you John: a man who feels blessed that, for someone who aimed so low, he got the golden trophy. Her name is Britney. It’s Britney Spears, actually, and she’s just as hot. She may have some sort of drug problem. She seems stoned…a lot of the time. She doesn’t need to be perfect, though. It’s how much he loves her that makes her perfect. Plus, she is the epitome of sexy, using playful language and leaving the end of her sentences hanging in the air all mysteriously. She’s so out of his league. You couldn’t pull him from the clouds; it’s so perfect.


Directed and Produced by Andy Mingo.

One thought on “Romance–Short Movie made from Chuck Palahniuk’s story

  1. I’ve just got as far as the part where she is cutting up the zucchini in his mother’s house and I have to go make my own (much more substantial) evening meal, but so far it is exactly as I imagined it from Chuck’s reading, Mitch.

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