Style and the Rules of Grammar by Jaq D Hawkins

Loved this blog.

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There’s an old saying, which varies in the exact wording: “You have to know the rules of grammar down cold to break them to good effect.”

In these days of the Internet and digital publishing, we’ve all seen an abundance of examples of people getting basic grammatical rules wrong and many of us have wondered about the quality of basic education in schools. The use of “your” where “you’re” is appropriate is a wide-spread error that grammar nazis like myself would like to see eradicated. Incorrect usage of there/their/they’re is another popular blunder along with to/too.

But what if a writer’s grammar is normally perfect and variations are instituted for the purpose of style?

First of all, let me state categorically that ‘style’ is NOT an excuse for poor grammar. The writer who chooses to use a variance for effect will only be effective if they are very much aware…

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