Kickstarter, what the hell? No Coin Age For The Troops?

There’s a  cool, little “pay what you want” Kickstarter project by Michael Mindes at Tasty Minstrel Games.  Coin Age is  a simple strategy game using standard US coins as playing pieces on a small map.  In truth, the game is  available for free as a print-and-play version, HERE.  If you want the professionally produced components, or just want to support the designer and producer, you can back it on Kickstarter, HERE.  It only has 3 days to go, finishing on December 20, 2013.


The minimum to receive a copy of the game was $3, but they also had a pledge level called Operation Gratitude + Pay What You Want. At this pledge level, you get a copy of the game, and a copy of the game is also donated to the troops in the US Military for every $2 over that you pledge.  At last look, this pledge level had 531 backers.

Kickstarter pulled the plug on Operation Gratitude and voided all pledges at that level, saying it, “violated our project guidelines.”

I looked up Kickstarter’s project guidelines, HERE.

Apparently, the guideline that was violated was the first one listed under the heading, What is not allowed?

“Kickstarter cannot be used to raise money for causes, whether it’s the Red Cross or a scholarship, or for “fund my life” projects, like tuition or bills.”

and the fourth line:

“Creators cannot promise to donate a portion of funds raised or future revenue to a cause.”

OK.  I hear you, Kickstarter. 

But this pledge for Coin Age  is not being used to “raise money for causes”  or to “donate a portion of the funds raised… to a cause.”

It is being used to provide a copy of the game to US Military.  Is that the same thing?

Is it?

Look, this Kickstarter campaign for Coin Age has exceeded all expectation of the humble $5000 goal, and is currently sitting at $44,918 as I type this at 5:50 PM CST on December 17, 2013.  At almost nine times the goal, it’s definitely a successful campaign, and that is after the 531 pledges were removed for Operation Gratitude.  The only ones who are missing out are the US Military who might enjoy a simple diversion from the stresses of military deployment but won’t, because of this change by the jackasses at Kickstarter.

Well done, Kickstarter.  Clearly we set our expectations of you too high, and you have shown us the error of our ways.

While the people using the service might have good hearts, the people running Kickstarter are self-serving and narrow in their interpretation of loosely worded guidelines.



For those who wish to do so, you can buy a copy and have it sent to the following address for Operation Kindness:

Below is the website and other information for Operation Gratitude

Shipping Item Donations:

DATES: Please deliver between March 15 and May 5 OR between September 15 and December 5:

Operation Gratitude/California Army National Guard
17330 Victory Boulevard
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Attn: Rich Hernandez: Phone: 800-651-8031


Post revised twice, last on 12/18/2013, 6:20a CST


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