Game Review: Bocce Dice (Kickstarter Edition)


Bocce Dice is a dice-tossing, table-top game that combines luck, skill and strategy as players attempt to land dice in high-scoring areas of the playing mat, while knocking the opponent’s dice out of scoring zones. Designed and published by Kevin McCarthy, it is based on Bocce, the Italian ball tossing game, but also has elements that appear to be drawn from Shuffleboard and Curling.

I love dice games and when I came across the Bocce Dice Kickstarter campaign, I immediately supported it. The campaign was successfully funded and met both stretch goals as well. On December 10, 2013 my copy arrived in a clear plastic tube. We started playing that night.

The standard (non-Kickstarter) version of the game consists of 12 dice (6 each of two colors), the Bocce Dice Mat, 2 Scorekeeping tokens and rules sheet in a reusable, clear plastic tube. The Kickstarter Stretch Goals included some additional dice of various sizes and such and some optional rules for using these dice.


The Bocce Dice mat is colorful and made of similar material to a computer mouse pad, but is much larger (12”x18”) and a little thinner. This is the playing surface you roll the dice on, and the padded material reduces the sound of the dice rolling as well as changes the way they bounce a bit. The mat also has a numbered track at each end to track rounds won.


The dice are quality, plastic 6-sided dice but nothing special. The tube that stores the game is well made and includes a rubber end cap. I thought this packaging was quite smart.

The players take turns, rolling one die at a time until all dice have been rolled.  If a die is rolled and comes up as 1, it can be rerolled or not, as the player chooses. Points are scored for the number rolled on the die, as well as the bonus (if any) for the scoring area it lands in. Dice that land outside the scoring area score 0 points. Total score is tallied and the highest score wins the round. First player to win 10 rounds wins the game.


It’s pretty straight-forward and gameplay is fast. There is an interesting strategy typical of the Bocce game itself where the player can opt for scoring maximum points, try to place a die so that it protects another of his\her high scoring dice already in play, or attempt to knock opponent’s dice out of scoring areas. It’s not complicated but it is a lot a fun. An entire game takes 15 minutes or less and setup took a minute.


The thing that attracted me to the game was that I saw a lot of opportunity to adapt the game with house rules or cross Bocce Dice with other dice games to create Bocce Zombie Dice or Bocce Roll Through the Ages, for example. I’ll do that, and when I do, I’ll post the rules to

If you like a fast setup, fast-playing game that is dexterity-based, you should give it a look. Personally, I loved the game and I’m very happy with the components themselves, particularly the mat. It’s the kind of game that is only as fun as the people who are playing it, and in my family, this is a very fun game. I expect it to be in our rotation for a long time to come.


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