Shrinking Women by Lilly Meyers

Sometimes an author writes a story, poem or prose in a  genre, but the work is so powerful it breaks boundaries and evokes feelings in those who ordinarily would not read that genre.

I don’t usually read poetry, much less pro-feminist poetry that makes me feel ashamed for men everywhere.  I think this short piece is in that category: “Shrinking Women,” written and read by Lily Meyers (Wesleyan University).

It isn’t how she read it, and she appears to do this from memory – though the timing and delivery is perfect.

It isn’t that the content was important – though it is.

It isn’t that the statements weren’t true – though they are and at times,  hit like a sledgehammer.

For me, it’s the impressive images she conjures with so few words.  It’s her masterful command of the language and alliteration – the full effect of words brought to bear and the exposing of stupid expectations and inequality our society has (or does not have) based entirely on gender.  It’s the clarity.

Simply, I appreciated this on many levels.  I hope you do too. 


Shrinking Women


If this was moving for you, tell me what you thought.


3 thoughts on “Shrinking Women by Lilly Meyers

  1. I enjoyed this, Mitch, thanks for sharing. I like slam poetry in general because I find it quite raw and this performance is no different.

    What an image – the men growing larger and rounder with no food issues and the women shrinking and creeping downstairs at night to eat illicit yoghurt.

  2. Powerful and true. Yet we are critized for being strong and forthright. Amazing insight. I am hubbled with her wisdom at such a young age. Beautiful.

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