Ernest Hemingway’s Voice


I never actually saw or heard the great man speak.  I certainly did not meet him, though I wish I had.  I only know the impact of the words he created that continued on beyond his own existence, and his writing has had been significant influence in my life and writing.  Still, his presence and voice was never there and then I found these recordings online, which were interesting to me.  I hope they are to you as well.

These are recordings of Hemingway, speaking his thoughts and reading his own work.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech (Ernest Hemingway)

Hemmingway had suffered some severe injuries in 1954 due to an airplane accident, primarily to his spine.  The recuperation was painful, and Hemingway speculated that he was being given this prize at this time, because of his lifestyle, he might not be around much past that (paraphrased).  I t was not that he felt it was undeserved, but a little rushed, if it was not to be delivered while he was still alive to to accept it.

Audio of Hemingway accepts the Nobel Prize:

Ernest Hemingway, reading for a pilot of a television show, similar to Hitchcock presents.

Hemingway felt this was out of his scope to do a television show, but the money offered by the network lured him into attempting it.  He read and introduction to, “The Fifth Column,” and apparently, the attempt at a TV show were terminated shortly afterward.

Audio of Hemingway reading the intro to The Fifth Column:

Ernest Hemingway reading a work in progress (possibly an early draft from Islands in the Stream)

Personally, this is my favorite of the lot.  Hemmingway had prefaced this by saying he was a man who writes 250 words with difficulty and felt that he was writing very well, writing over a 1000 words a day.  Then he shared this unnamed work in progress:

Audio of Hemingway reading a work in progress:

Harry’s Bar

Ernest Hemingway improvises a story, “with a wine glass in one hand and a mike in the other,” suggests a story of the tragic love affair between  a 50-year-old Army Colonel  and a 19-year-old Italian contessa.

Hemingway Improvises:



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