Writing Bliss –That Sweet Spot

Think about that candy, cookie, cake or other food that transports you back to the time when you were a child and first experienced it. Remember how fantastic that moment was? The wonder of it and the sheer pleasure – every time you eat it, even now, takes you back and you’re reminded how amazing life is.

Everybody has some food that recalls almost forgotten memories and feelings. We return to these foods again and again throughout our life in an attempt to recapture youth. They are often called comfort foods because of this effect.

That is what typing on a manual typewriter is for me.

WIN_20130929_114918I’ll be the first to acknowledge it is weird, and as I write this on my HP Desktop Computer with dual 24” monitors, I realize what an oxymoron this write is, but it is still true.

Just like you do not eat a Baby Ruth candy bars every day, I do not use my Royal Quiet DeLuxe  manual typewriter every day. It is not healthy to choke down bars of sugar day after day, and in my case, it is not conducive to productively writing to use a manual typewriter every day. Banging out the words on paper, flaws, typos and all, and not being able to edit or cut and paste without a complete rewrite? It’s tough.

Still, I treat myself to a page or two  on the Royal Quiet Deluxe once in a while and it rarely produces usable writing but is good for my soul.  The sound of bars striking the paper makes me smile, even at my slow typing speed.

Honestly, how Hemingway did it, I’ll never know. I do think alcohol was his comfort food, and maybe that explains it. Maybe not.

Keep at it, friends.


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