Why the Rubik’s Cube?

I’ve used a Rubik’s Cube in the graphic and banner for Lifein64SquareFeet.com for a while.

For those who don’t know and might be interested, it’s taken from the (currently unpublished) novel written by Tom Quinn and myself, Life in Sixty-Four Square Feet, where the Rubik’s Cube is a metaphor for the complexity of life. In the story, the Rubik’s Cube plays a role at three, key times of the main character’s life.

Excerpt from Bobby Bocks’ journal (Life in Sixty-Four Square Feet):

Getting one face of a Rubik’s Cube to be all one color is easy. Getting two is not that hard and even three or four is doable. Getting all six requires a tremendous degree of manipulation, planning and focus.

Life is this way. A day is nothing more than this, over and over – turning the rows and aligning the colors – and when you solve it and all six sides are solid, it’s magnificent.

I’ve never accomplished this with a Rubik’s Cube or in real life – never solved it without cheating – but Life keeps turning the rows, even after you reached a point where all sides are aligned, so success is short lived, and you must once again manipulate it. Over and over and over and over.

I’ve decided to let each side of my Rubik’s Cube be a collage of colors and different from the other sides. I’ve decided unity is overrated. Conformity is overrated. Trying to solve life is overrated.

Still, when I hold a Rubik’s Cube, I am compelled to turn the rows and play the game. It has that kind of power. Just like life, but even though I’m playing, I’m not trying to align the colors. Not anymore.



© 2011, 2013 Mitch Lavender & Tom Quinn


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