Unplugged Update: Day 23 – My Brain Has All The Wrong Things Cached

I hate that I know who Honey Boo Boo is.

Somehow, through peripheral exposure to TV\radio\internet\osmosis, I do, even though I have never intentionally watched a show about her or her mother.  The cache of my brain has limited capacity for things I can remember, and Honey Boo Boo probably FIFOed something fundamental that I haven’t used in a while, like how to tie a tie or where I put the title to my house or car. 

But things can not be unseen once they have been seen, no matter how inane they are, and trying to avoid stupid things is  a useless endeavor.  To avoid them means excluding all media and never leaving home. 

Even then, you won’t completely escape advertising’s reach.  For example, I learned about the movie, Epic, from the wrapper on my loaf of bread.   Advertising and unworthy “news” is everywhere, and the stink sticks to citizens of first-world countries like the grease from a Quarter-Pounder sticks to our arteries.

Still, I do my best to avoid conversations about dumb things.   By dumb things, I mean things that are controversial but inconsequential to… anything, i.e., dumb.

Is it still chili if it has beans in it?  What’s Lindsey Lohan’s latest legal violation and will she get away with it again?  Kirk or Piccard?  I don’t always succeed in dodging such conversations, but I try.

Just last week, I found myself in a heated debate about why Aqua-Man was the lamest superhero ever, and why Namor, The Submariner was much better.  So yes, I fail, and most often, I fail over the geekiest things.

Earlier this month, I decided to go three months without Facebook, Twitter, Pintrist, Reddit or Goodreads  to see if removing these obvious distractions from my routine helps me focus and be more productive.  It was a surgical attempt at improving the product that is me.  I’m 23 days in and have over two months to go, but an initial observation is – it’s been good and bad.

I get encouragement and ideas from the interactions with people on the sites I’ve excluded.  That’s bad, because I’m missing out on the creative fuel and insight those interactions provide.  On the other hand, I do have less distractions from my writing, despite the emails I get from Facebook telling me how many notifications I have pending and how many conversations I am not participating in.

I’m in it for the full 90-day duration, despite the upside or downside.  I just hope three months is long enough to make a clear determination. I think that the truth will be as most of you already suspect it is – balance and moderation in all things is the best approach.

And now, the Unplugged meme of the week:

Images Futurama FrySystem.Random.jpg


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