Want to Wear the Books You Love?

Out Of Print Clothing is singular in offering a line of shirts based on on famous books by well-known authors. 

I’ve been a big fan of Out Of Print Clothing since I learned about them a year ago.  Between my wife and I, we have seven of their shirts, and bought several notecards, notebooks and other products.  It’s very cool stuff, and all has been quality merchandise, shipped quickly.  I’ll add that the shirts have become more comfortable with each washing, without fading.

Your favorite book covers on a shirt.  Who wouldn’t love that?  And for each product purchased, a book is donated to an underprivileged  child through the nonprofit organization, Books For Africa.  A fantastic t-shirt you can’t get anywhere else, and you help make the world suck just a little less, all at one fell swoop.  That is what Out of Print Clothing offers.

They have just added Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, by Hunter S. Thomson, and I guess I’ll have to add it it to my wardrobe.  I’ll post a couple of pictures here, but you really need to hit their site to see their full line of clothing, e-book reader covers, notebooks, notecards, etc. 

That said, here is what I thought were some of the most impressive designs:




Yea, man.  Cool.


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