Clowns are Creepy

I’m going to address an important subject, today.

Clowns.  They are creepy.

I’m not just talking about The Joker in Batman,

Clown - Joker


or Pennywise in Stephen King’s IT.


clown pennywise1


Of course, those are scary, but just a regular, ordinary clown is a pretty jacked-up thing.




Even famous clowns are creepy.  Remember Bozo?


Clown Bozo


How about this hamburger-peddling clown?


Clown Ronald


Oh look – a fun carnival game to haunt your nightmares for years to come.




Clowns.  It just ain’t right.


Clowns Scare Everyone


This has been a public service announcement.

3 thoughts on “Clowns are Creepy

  1. Since bringing clowns to my attention, yonks ago, I’ve had a good hard look at those characters, and yep – they certainly are a creepy cluster. Ronald MacDonald is positively manic. It’s not laughter – it’s nervous hysteria. Like, what’s he gonna do next? Use a hatchet?
    Don’t clone the clowns!

  2. Hate them. It must have filtered down to my kids as well as, when we hired a farmhouse in France one year, my son refused to go to bed until I had taken down this freakin’ clown mobile thing hanging in the corner. Creepy deepy.

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