Elite Tweaked Geek Chic

These are real items that are for sale right now (as of this writing).


Darth Vader Helmet made of Swarovski Crystal ($5,999.99)

Darth gayder

When Vader hits the night clubs on Naboo, he wants shizzle and pop on the dance floor, babies. That’s when he polishes up his Swarovski Crystal Helmet, puts on his boogie shoes and goes out to paint the town red (with the blood of anyone who laughs at his hot, hot moves).


Hyper-realistic Star Trek Leonard Nimoy Spock bust ($9,500 and up)

Spock bust

This bust is made of silicone, with separately made acrylic eyes, hand-punched hair and extremely accurate tunic, complete with the Starfleet emblem. This amazing sculpture is more than just a conversation piece; it will assure you of never being burdened by having a girlfriend, ever.


SEVEN OF NINE (7 of 9) Life-Size Resin Figure STAR TREK VOYAGER ($1750)


If you sprung for the Spock bust (which is sure to frighten away every real girl within a two-block radius), never fear. You can also get a fake, Borg-assimilated-woman. This highly detailed resin figure has been made for the "real fan" of Jeri Ryan/Seven Of Nine.

The EBay posting says it is ‘slightly used’. Ew.


Office Warrior Rubberband Machine Gun ($895.00)

Rubber Band Gattling Gun

Office Warrior Rubber Band Machine Gun is an engineering work of wonder that holds 144 individual rubber bands. Just like an old-fashioned Gatling Gun, this monster can unload its ammo as fast as you can crank the handle.  Only this one shoots rubber bands – nothing else.  Just shoots rubber bands.


18k White Gold and Diamond TIE Fighter Necklace ($3,200)

TIE Fighter neclace

You know, for when you get a girlfriend. Or just put it on your life-size Jeri Ryan doll.


Doctor Who Coat Duster Replica ($359.00)


For those trying to imitate the 10th Doctor’s style, the perfect coat has always been the most difficult part of the ensemble to replicate. This amazing replica, a limited edition costume piece approved by the folks at the BBC. 

For the real Doctor Who fan, or the pervert who wants to flash old ladies at the bus stop.  Looks like it would work for either purpose.





Life-Size Han Solo in Carbonite ($2,900)

Han solo in Corbonite

Because Han solo would never willingly hang out at your place, you had to freeze him in Carbonite to keep him there. Note that the hands are not quite right – it’s not the real Han Solo, frozen in Carbonite!

The Emissary Dining\Gaming Table ($2750 – $4000)


Geek Chic makes a beautiful dining table that converts into a Board\RPG\Puzzle\Card game table, with features like a dropped surface, hinged privacy screen (for the GM), cup holders, a dice tower, drawers with compartments for counters and playing pieces, etc.

Seriously, I would love this.


Elaborate Cosplay Costumes ($infinite)


This one can go all over the map, but there is no limit to what sort of costume you can create if you have the money and er – bravery – to wear such a thing. Pictured here is Medieval Batman Knight and Medieval Aquaman. Seriously – you can be any hero, but you chose Aquaman?


R2-D2 Made Into Stuff – pretty much anything you can imagine. ($Varies)

R2D2 projector

Replica, life-size R2D2 Robots, trashcans or DVD projectors.

There is really no limit to something being made into a replica of R2-D2, with common sense being no factor at all in the decision-making process.


We’ll conclude on that note.  I have to go check my bids on EBay.  I’d hate getting sniped out of my winning bid on the slightly used (ew) Jeri Ryan doll.


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