NANOWRIMO Writing Marathon–Are You In?

Saturday, April 13, 2013 from 10 AM to 6 PM PST – Writers all over the world will be joining in the harmonious goal of writing for eight straight hours (or however many they can manage).  It’s the Nanowrimo Writing Marathon.


This is like a mini-Nanowrimo (during Nanowrimo, the goal is to write 50k words in 30 days).  The goal here is two-fold: Raise money (through voluntary donations) for the non-profit organization that sponsors Nanowrimo every year, and encourage writers to…well, write.

There is also a drawing for various prizes like a Microsoft Surface and subscriptions to Writer Magazine.

I’ve blocked out my Saturday from 12PM to 8PM CST to work specifically on editing and revising Edit-red inka WIP, Find my Baby, which I wrote about here.  During that time, I am denying myself the usual distractions: No Facebook, Twitter or E-mail.  Just me and Microsoft Word… and maybe a quick hop to Wikipedia for fact-checking.

Of course, I could do this on my own, without a sponsored online event, but I dig being part of the experience.  I find it motivational, and Nanowrimo is a worthy cause I want to support. 

Are you in?


2 thoughts on “NANOWRIMO Writing Marathon–Are You In?

  1. I am planning in participating in that myself! I am also currently working on a story for Camp NaNo, so it for me will be just an extension of that, but who doesn’t like an excuse to say, oh I am sorry, I am busy writing! Oh no, this is an EVENT! *grins* yup, I am getting excited!

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