Caption Contest Winner!

Last month, I issued a challenge to caption the photo below with the following guidelines:

In a 101 words or less, make your caption serious. Make it funny. Make it surreal, weird or even romantic. Most of all, make it creative and original. 

we have a winner:

Congratulations to Jeremie Guy of Maryland, USA!


A higher resolution version of the image is available here.

Here is the winning entry by Jeremie Guy:

As the witch’s caper finished, her red hair fire in the moonlight, her skin glimmering with sweat, the king gazed down at those crimson lips and saw what he desired least. He saw his attackers wash his city’s cobble streets with the blood of his people, he saw his wife’s submission in the scorching desires of the enemy king’s passion, and he saw his own life force dripping down the hilt of his brother’s blade. Frowning, the maze of wrinkles around his face deepened, telling the guards to clink over and swing their blades, rolling the moonlight fire into the corner. 

The judge’s comments on the winning entry:

”[The author] managed to convey a whole story within the 101 words allotted…an elderly king facing witchcraft, fierce battles, defeat at the hands of an enemy and internecine strife. The pen portraits, although necessarily brief are believable; the sensual witch and the time-worn king, as well as introducing a whole cast of minor characters. I particularly liked the unexpected – ‘and saw what he desired least’ and the ambiguity of whether the king remembered past events through seeing the symbolic ‘crimson lips’ (red being the metaphor for blood, warfare and passion) or whether he was in fact indulging in some scrying of future events, through the influence of the witch. Intriguing.”

Congratulations, Jeremie.  Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013, Stephen King’s On Writing, and Untrue Stories, Volume One are on their way in the mail.  Enjoy.


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