Pixar’s Storytelling Rules

I recently became aware that Pixar’s storyboard artist Emma Coats tweeted 22 of the company’s key ingredients to storytelling, useful for all aspiring writers. I think these are great guidelines and a while back, they were compiled into a cool infographic, which I’m reproducing here.  It first appeared on Huffington Post.

You can also purchase this print from PBJPublishing.com or you can download it for free, from this link.

Pixar -story-telling rules

I noticed Emma Coats no longer works for Pixar, and is now a Director and Story Artist with Paramount Pictures.  I think she is fascinating and if you do too, follow her blog, Story Shots.

5 thoughts on “Pixar’s Storytelling Rules

  1. Just been checking out Emma’s blog – ‘Writing as a drawing tool’ was particularly interesting for me as I scrabble for some inspiration on how to go about this script treatment as the deadline approaches and my page is still bare! – cheers, Mitch. 🙂

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