Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies

Bill-Oberst-Jr-Abraham-Lincoln-Vs-ZombiesIn the heat of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln leads a special forces team to recover a lost fort. It is overrun with zombies, and the 16th president of the United States is faced with battling the undead hordes. This is Honest Abe we are talkin’ about. Pity the undead and party on, Garth.

The Asylum is a studio known best for releasing straight-to-video movies, ripping-off film concepts from major studios. This was, apparently, their take on Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer, and expectations are lower than usual for this one.

As a non-zombie, your common sense has already told you that a direct-to-video movie with the title, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies is not worth your time.

There are some folks who love to watch bad movies, and they enjoy the awfulness of it all. The sheer volume of material out there for them to enjoy is staggering.

Me, I’m in the third category. I just like zombie movies, and I watch every zombie movie I come across, and I finish some. In my opinion, ALvsZ is far from the worst zombie flick out there, but it’s not going to win Oscars or get featured on the History Channel for its accuracy of the events of the time.

The low budget, poor make-up and cheesy special effects bring this home as nothing more than a cheap rip-off of an already questionable premise, but…

What the movie does get right is to fit a lot of historical figures into the absurd screenplay; it’s a clever, skewed history lesson, as bygone figures rally together to fight the zombie hoards. This is furthered by an effective, if campy performance by Bill Oberst Jr., as Abraham Lincoln. Balancing the nobility of a great man with the heroic swagger of an action star, he made the movie for me.  That he delivered the ridiculous lines with a straight face demonstrated great acting, indeed.

If you dig the zombie genre, there are worse flicks out there to watch. I liked this one, and if you have Netflix, why not drag it into your list and give it a go; see if it does anything for you.

© 2012, Mitch Lavender

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2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies

    • Bill, you portrayed Lincoln very well, and I thought you were believable as The Man. It was just a silly, low-budget premise this movie was based on and frankly, it was only your performance that held it together enough that I didn’t check-out. I look forward to the day you are cast in a role, breaking out of the straight to video horror-genre and deserving of your aptitude.

      Keep the faith.

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