Album Review: The Science of Making Choices by Mieka Pauley

Ever since I heard her debut album, Elijah, Drop Your Gun, I’ve been in love with the raw emotion of Mieka Pauley’s voice and bold lyrics. Songs like All the Same Mistakes, Be Like the Man and Devil’s Got Your Secret have been regulars on my playlist. Mieka has a voice that demands attention and with her new Kickstarter-funded album, she has further refined her lyrical accomplishments.

miekapauleyThis entire album, The Science of Making Choices is polished and listenable. Be it the diaphanous and vulnerable Another Go, or the brazen Jezebel of Wreck, The Science of Making Choices is beautiful and wonderful, even when it’s about something awful. Never F**k a Woman You Don’t Love was the song and contender for the International Songwriting Contest, which includes such heavyweights as Tom Waits, Tori Amos and Darrel McDaniels on the judging panel.

Make no bones about it, Mieka Pauley is uncensored and unapologetic. She’s in your face and I bet you won’t mind, even a little bit. Songs of content like the remarkable Marked Man and the aforementioned Never F**k a Woman you Don’t Love knock the dominant male personae in the head, while We’re All Gonna Die is a revelry to live while you can.

I’ll be following the career of this talented artist for years to come.

Don’t take my word for it. You can listen to the entire album for free, here:

More about Mieka Pauley and her upcoming releases and performances on



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