Rachel Sutcliffe

I take a lot of the things in my life for granted, it’s true.  Rachel has a very down to earth grasp of what is precious and should be cherished, and I’m very happy she chose to share it on Life64 this week.  – ML

It sounds corny to start this with the cliché ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’, but it is so very true, as anyone with a bit of life experience behind them will know. Anyone like me that is.

I never realized how precious good health was until I lost mine in my early twenties. Ten years later, with ten years of chronic illness behind me, I think it’s fair to say I’ve had the time and experience to learn how very precious good health actually is. So what if you haven’t got it? Where does that leave me?

sunrise-in-AfricaLearning a very valuable, though hard, lesson that’s where. I’ve realized I have so many precious things in my life. Things I wouldn’t have given a second thought to at one time…..waking to sunshine on my face, feeling the spring breeze in my hair, watching the mother duck with her ducklings, exchanging morning greetings with a neighbor, sharing a sisterly hug, putting on my favorite PJs, savoring a frothy hot chocolate ……and the list goes on.

So I’ve just one thing left to say here and that’s thank you chronic illness, for teaching me the art of appreciation and with it the true meaning of precious, in so many more ways than one.


About Rachel:  Rachel has always been obsessed by words and language. Writing is her therapy; when the going gets tough Rachel get writing! She’s had several stories and many poems published. Her blog can be found at


8 thoughts on “Precious

  1. I love how you write in such a matter of fact style, Rachel, and I so admire your courage.

    Stay well.


    PS Just been over to your blog and read the suncream on the bus haiku – wonderful!

  2. A wonderful piece Rachel. It made a big impression on me the first time I read it. Has just as much impact now. Well done.xx

  3. This is a wonderful reminder to us Rachel not to take all the best things in life which are free for granted. Very well written.

    From the other Rachael

  4. Thank you, Rachel, it is a write like this that shows what is important. A message that needs to be re-told again and again, and you tell it so well in your write. Cheers.


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