First Place–Grate Righter, Bad Speller 2012 Contest



by Shana Clayton

Welcum tu the primeer shoing uf the nueist, and tuffist gaim sho uf the yeer. " Toppal the Toadim" itts a gaim that taiks fisical stringth and eech levil yore teem wyns iz skored bi the toadim poal. This poal kuncists uf fhive peeses, eeche neading tu bee topeled downe wun bi wun frum ur teemaits tu wyn the gaim. Tu teems cumpeat aginst eeche othir and thear ar phive stagiz uf fisical indoorinse and wyne a teem beets the othir teem thay git thugh privealige tu toppel wunn peece uf its poal. Thugh teme that topils the moest totim levils at the ind uf aul phive stagiz iz the " Toppal the Toatum" winner.


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