Cured, an e-book by Dave Farrington

I’ve always enjoyed Farrington’s writing back when we were in a writer’s group together.  He is a top-notch writer with interesting things to say, so I was excited to see the announcement that Cured by Dave Farrington has released on Smashwords.  I presume it will make it to Amazon and other places shortly.

Cured tells the story of George’s search to discover the fate of his family, his struggle to come to terms with his past mistakes and his efforts to create a new order out of the carnage of the past. It takes the ‘zombie’ novel into new territory, beyond a critique of the present and towards a vision of the future.

A sample of the first 20% of the 110k word book is available for free, and and the full version is $3.99. Check out Cured here:


2 thoughts on “Cured, an e-book by Dave Farrington

  1. Great characters, a believable scenario in a nightmare setting. It was an honour being involved in reading the first drafts.


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