Dicey Brains – Review of Zombie Dice Game

Just to keep things completely random here on Life64, I’ll do a review of a game I recently came across.

Zombie Dice by Steve Jackson Games ($11 on Amazon) is exactly what it sounds like it is: A dice game with a zombie theme. The 6-sided dice have icons rather than dots or numbers: Brains (Braaains!), shotgun blasts (Ka-blam!), and footsteps (Run away!)

Each player takes the role of a brain-eating zombie, chasing down potential victims. Each turn, you put the dice into the dice cup that is included, shake it, then pull out three random dice and roll them.

The idea is to get as many brains as you can (and who couldn’t use some extra brains?) before you roll 3 shotgun blasts. You can roll as many times as you wish until you decide to stop or take three shotgun blasts. Three shotgun blasts ends your turn and you lose any brains you may have rolled this turn. If you stop your turn before rolling a third shotgun blast, you tally points for the brains you rolled and the turn passes to the next zombie. The footprint dice indicate that the same dice stays on the table (i.e. not redrawn from the cup as brains and shotgun blasts are) and must be used again if you continue to roll in this turn.


The dice come in three varieties: Green that has the most brains, yellow that has the most footsteps and red that has the most shotgun blasts.

The rules are simple, the game can be played by any number of people at once and it’s short. The strategy involved falls along the “press your luck” genre of gaming like Liar’s Dice or LCR but introduces a simple scorekeeping element and of course… it has a zombie theme. Bonus! If you are looking for deep gameplay, look elsewhere. If you are looking for a fun, quick pastime while you and some buddies put down a few brews, this is a winner.

The components include 13 well made, painted 6-sided dice, rule sheet (with no big words) and the dice cup/container. All are quality.

For me, I prefer a game with more complexity and/or social elements such as Illuminati, Zombies!!! or Talisman, but Zombie Dice is a quick diversion and fun.

Note that there is also a version of the game available on iPhone/iPad.


3 thoughts on “Dicey Brains – Review of Zombie Dice Game

  1. Pass.
    I’ll keep learning Bridge.
    It could be called Zombie Bridge — as it zaps the brains, and after each session one has a headache, and is so wired it is impossible to sleep.


  2. Kate, I do enjoy a good game of Spades, Hearts or Cribbage, but the rules around biding and play of Bridge annoy me and I in turn annoy my partner because I didn’t know that her bid meant she was strong in one suite and weak in another. Honestly, if the rules are going to be so strict, you might as well just say “I’ve got a fist-load of clubs but no diamonds.”
    So I like Bridge fine but nobody likes playing Bridge with me.

  3. Love playing Hearts — but with my family it is dire.
    Learning Bridge — so going through the same problems you encountered. Ditching my brother as partner as he is vile.

    Just finished a game of yahtzee with my sister. I won. On last throw — a yahtzee. She’s really pissed off!


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