The Year That Was 2011

Mitch-whiteboardIt’s that time. You know, the time to take inventory of all I did or didn’t do in the last year. I break stuff down by categories and in the writing category; I have a meager show of progress and success.

The main thing I want to do here is stop and thank each and every one of you who bothers to drop by and read my drivel.

· I had several short stories appear in Unquiet Earth, Road Trip and Potluck, by Static Movement press. I had submitted the year prior, but it’s cool to know they made print this year.

· A short story, Worth Writing About, appeared in Outburst Magazine in January.

· I went to the Dallas/Fort Worth Writer’s Conference in February and met a lot of great folks and enjoyed the conference. My agent deal didn’t really pan out, but it was a good learning experience.

· We finished The Infection Anthology this year! No one was more relieved than I when it hit Amazon and Barnes and Noble and I could say with certainty we were done working on it. Sadly, it was quickly lost in the flotsam of the myriad other books in the zombie-horror genre and it never had a lot of success. Still, it was a collaborative effort of seven writers, an artist and one very overworked editor. It was a cool gig to be a part of and who knows? Maybe it will get a good review somewhere and take off.

· In June, 2011, Pantoum Press published my anthology, Death Zone and Other Stories in print and e-book format. More than that, it has done remarkably well considering how little it was promoted. Last time I looked, about 1600 copies had sold.

· We did the Grate Righter, Bad Speler contest on Life64 in June, and I was overwhelmed with the number of entrants. Brendan Cooper won first place and it was a lot of fun.

· I maintained a decent presence on some Writing sites I stick with and I tried not to be the problem guy. I think I pulled that off, most of the time.

· I managed to update my blog, Life in Sixty-Four Square Feet pretty often. I’m still really sporadic about it, but I manage to get new content up and hopefully it will be something someone wants to read.

· I skipped Nanowrimo this year. I just couldn’t put my family through that again, two years in a row.

· I entered, completed and submitted Find My Baby in three days for the 3-Day Novel Contest.

So what’s shaking in 2012? Well, I have a new novel in development. Undertaking Hartford promises to be a darkly humorous, intimate story, told from the perspective of the undertaker in a post-pandemic world. In my head, it’s marvelous. We’ll just have to see what it looks like when I get it all down to writ.

I also want to redraft Find My Baby, which needs a lot of work as all first drafts do. I’ve refocused my targets for the diminishing and highly competitive publications that have broader distribution, so I won’t be in too many e-magazines and such unless I just see one that strikes my fancy. And I’ll also keep writing short stories and blogging and doing the thing I do because for me, writing is like farting. If I don’t do it, I will eventually explode.

© 2011, Mitch Lavender


2 thoughts on “The Year That Was 2011

  1. Mitch, by all means fart. God knows what will come out if you explode.
    You have been constant to the page, focussed and an inspiration.


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