Spiking the Haribos

About 3 weeks ago, I read this weird drink recipe that involved soaking gummy bears in alcohol. I can’t seem to find the original blog now, but it was on WordPress. Anyway, the gist was that if you allowed gummy bears to soak in alcohol, you wound up with… drumroll… wait for it… alcoholic gummy bears!

I have been a big fan of Hairibo gummy-bears since I was kid. Even now, if I have a layover in Germany on a business trip, I always buy a big bag at the airport. And no, they don’t taste different in their country of origin. It’s just a thing I do.

So, loving Hairibo like I do and loving vodka like I do, well. It almost seemed a spiritual denial if I didn’t follow through on marrying these two loves. In short, I put a bag of gummy bears in a Tupperware container, covered the candies with Kettel One vodka and put it in the refrigerator. And then I forgot about it until last weekend.

When I pulled them out, there was no vodka visible and the gummy bears had doubled in size. I took one moist and rubbery bear and popped it in my mouth. It was exactly like a Jell-O shot.  At least, it was like a Jell-O shot as best as I can remember about it, which isn’t much.  It was the 80’s and I was doing Jell-O shots, okay?  It’s all fuzzy.  It was not bad as far as flavor or kick but it was a complete fail for me in the flashback department.

Haribo-Happy-Cola-Pack-SmallIt did give me an idea – what if you soaked Hairibo gummy-cola candy in bourbon? I just so happened to have both ingredients required for this and quickly poured Crown Royal over the cola bottle shaped candies. Crown and Coke gummies! A week later, I tried one.

You know, as much fun as it sounds – it was just slimy and sort of gross. It was like I wasted great liquor on great candy. Back in my late 20’s, I had this same feeling. It was when I realized that cartoons weren’t entertaining any more. It was the feeling of the world making me grow up. Be mature. Changing my ideals.

So am I saying that no one should try this? Absolutely not. If you are above the legal drinking age and less old than I am (and largely, most people are), I suggest you give it a go. Just know that no matter how you fight it, you will grow up. To completely date myself, I now link you to The Logical Song by Supertramp.

I suggest you put off maturity as long as you can. Bottoms up… or gummies up or whatever. I get so cranky if I don’t have my Warm milk before bedtime.

© 2011, Mitch Lavender

One thought on “Spiking the Haribos

  1. When I started reading this I instantly made up my mind to raid the Tangfastics from my son’s Christmas stocking and soak them in alcohol, but all I have in the house is red wine or port which didn’t have the same appeal – then when I got to the ‘slimy and gross’ part of this post I decided against it.

    I did once get involved in an experiment with a large watermelon and a full botle of gin when on holiday in Italy, but, even if it didn’t taste good, the fun potential sounds greater with Haribo and alcohol. Cool : ]

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