Refracted Light and Sexual Preference

I like rainbows.

Who isn’t impressed… nay, reverential of a fantastic prism of color stretching up into the sky? It’s completely explainable but still an awe-inspiring thing. Anyone who has seen the viral video of the “two rainbow guy” has perceived just how moved a person can become, particularly if they are chemically altered. In the Hebrew Scriptures of The Bible, the rainbow was a sign God gave Noah that he would not destroy the earth with a flood again.

Go back 110 years and gay used to just mean happy! The 1890’s were nostalgically referred to as “The Gay Nineties” because they were a time of relative peace and prosperity. Now, you don’t dare use the word to imply happiness or joy, not if you are heterosexual.

Now it just means homosexual. You can’t wear a t-shirt with a rainbow on it… can’t put a prism sticker on something or use an emoticon of a rainbow, without it being misunderstood by others that it means you practice an ‘alternate lifestyle.’ Why?


It’s pretty damned selfish of gay people to take the whole color spectrum to represent their sexual preference. And why do you need a symbol to represent sexual preference at all? Do heterosexuals have a symbol? It’s not needed and it’s not like anyone cares. Same goes for gays.

The only ones who care that you are gay are gay-bashers, and do you really want to paint that target on your back? “I’m gay! I’m proud! I’m getting beat up by a bunch of backward, Hitler-loving rednecks that saw my rainbow bumper sticker! Yaaaay!”

You know, it would be awesome if people could just have their sexual preference and not feel some need to advertise it blatantly, but that horse has bolted. Still, rainbows are a true beauty manifest in nature. They are iconic of diversity. And I like them.

Not gay.

© 2011, Mitch Lavender

5 thoughts on “Refracted Light and Sexual Preference

  1. Mitch
    agree completely.
    I guess labels are ‘in’. They’re now sewn on the outside of a garment.
    Maybe a Tshirt with — ‘Not Gay — just a bit happy’? Plus or minus a rainbow.
    Every dog has its day — then it loses its bark.


  2. Did you get hateful comments? Surely not!
    I reckon there was a time for ‘comming out’ but now — who gives a damn? Sexual preferences is no-one’s business but your own.

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