The Shoes of Illumination

Some of my shoes are uncommon and draw comments. People ask, Where I get them? Or Why did I get them? Actually, they look at my shoes and ask, What is wrong with you? But I take that as, Where\Why did you get those shoes?

What is wrong with me? Well, I’m a pretty boring, consistent guy. middle-aged and married 22 years with 1 kid. I’ve worked at the same place 17 years. I have never had a residence more than 50 miles from where I was born. After work each evening, I head straight home with maybe a stop at the store along the way.

We need bread. That’s my big, mid-week excursion to Kroger – an adventure from my routine. Maybe I’ll do something wild like say I lost my Kroger card so the checkout girl will give me a new one! Bold am I.

In the last year or so, I started buying shoes that were out of character for… well, anyone except retarded clowns. The first was a pair of slip-ons that had a checkered pattern. It reminded me of Cheap Trick. I like Cheap Trick. I bought the shoes. I wore the shoes. And I didn’t care if other people liked them or not. I liked them.

Thumba_2011-03-31_13-18-08WP_000348WP_000163Since then, I’ve picked up other shoes – Converse All Stars with a psychedelic, Timothy Leary pattern. Bright red Crocs sneakers. Fluorescent green Naturals. Orange Under Armor runners. All of them get comments – some good and some not so good, and I don’t really care.

What’s wrong with me? Nothing, but I’m in a rut. The thing is… I like my rut. My work is challenging and I come home to a woman who loves me every night. I have a great kid and a comfortable home. I’d be a moron not to value such things. Still, the shoes – the shoes are a way to change things up without changing my routine. I should point out that there is no real dress code where I work except that you must wear something.

WP_000543It’s inconsequential – wearing crazy looking shoes. But something small like that puts the whole day in different perspective. It’s an explanation point at the end of my, “Hello world!” I have to do over and over. Yep, some people laugh and joke and I’m cool with that. I made someone laugh. If someone gets mean spirited, it’s their problem that they are an angry little sphincter.

Today is Tuesday. I think I’ll wear the fluorescent green Naturals.

© 2011, Mitch Lavender


3 thoughts on “The Shoes of Illumination

  1. I have to agree with Katherine–you are one of the least boring people I’ve ever met. That’s because I’ve gotten to know you through your amazing mind. Don’t confuse happiness and contentment with boring. Most people would give great amounts of money to have your kind of boring life.

    As for the shoes–when I broke my ankle, the whole healing process meant that my left foot is bigger than my right. I have taken care of that with lively colored shoes, too. I have several shades of purple, a few reds, florescent blue and green. People are so busy trying to figure my taste out that they miss the trauma the color camoflauges.

    You’re a good dude!


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