Awesome Things That are Awesome

When did “awesome” become a word that was synonymous with “cool”? We take such words for granted and by increasing their use, we neutralize the… awe.  It’s one of the screwed up things we do to our language.

So you write?  If you are like me at all, you think about it.  About words.  About style.  About the art. And when I need inspiration and turning inwards fails me; it often does – I honk out to The Internet.  Here’s some great sites\links that will either:

  1. Motivate and stimulate your creativity
  2. Discourage you beyond words
  3. Make you feel like you are doing something productive when you really aren’t

You’ll have to figure out which category you fall into. I’m not your therapist or your dealer.  If anything, I’m just another literary patient or keyboard junkie.

I was going to do introductions for each of these sites.  I think I’ll just let you click and experience the wonder in your own magnificent way.  It’s awesome.

Visual Thesaurus

The Difference Between A Writer And Someone Who Writes

Ira Glass Talking About Creativity

Write or Die


WSJ Article: Conjuring the Next Harry Potter

Writing Excuses Podcast

Harlan Ellison – Pay the Writer

Harlan Ellison – Welcome to the Gulag

Good Reads


Brandon Tietz – From Writer to Author

Random Name Generator

Discovery News Feedblog

Voynich Manuscript

Chuck Palahniuk – Big Voice vs Little Voice


The Cult


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