Life in Sixty-Four Square Feet–Novel

Bobby Bocks is trapped in a job he detests, working for a trashy tabloid newspaper, The Trusted Authority. Diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and less than a year to live, he finally, desperately tries to take control of his life for the first time, rather than just let life happen to him.

You Are Here

Life in Sixty-Four Square Feet follows Bobby on a journey of self-discovery, friendship and pursuit of ever-so-elusive fulfillment. This journey takes him to Tibet and Everest. When his journal is published and becomes a bestseller, Bobby is raised to rock star status as other, like-minded people try to follow in his footsteps and come to his cave at the lower reaches of Everest to learn from him. Bobby rises from being a cubicle-dwelling nobody to unwitting religious icon, and finally, martyr.

Life in Sixty-Four Square Feet is a smart, often funny, sometimes tragic look at modern secular life, religion and the coping mechanisms used to just ‘get through the day’. At its core, it is about wanting to be happy and fulfilled, and the frustration that results because, as simple as it sounds, it evades so many.

novel by Mitch Lavender and Tom Quinn, nearing completion at 61k words


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