6-Word stories

The legend is that some friends bet Ernest Hemingway that he couldn’t write an entire short story in six words.  He wrote:

For Sale: Baby shoes.  Never used.

It is considered a complete story because it contains all the elements of a short story, though most are implied. The five important elements of a short story are characters, setting, plot, conflict, and theme.

Here are some of my attempts at writing 6-word stories, the first being very derivative of Hemingway’s:

  • For sale: Broken bungee. Used once.
  • Wrong turn. I’m lost. Need gun.
  • I love her. She loves him.
  • Playing on the stairs. Get up!
  • Lived with a whimper. Died screaming.
  • He pulled the trigger. Crime scene.
  • I love ice cream. Brain freeze!
  • Have coffee. Doing stupid things faster.
  • Now open. Sex dungeon. Free admission.
  • Five-hundred channels. Nothing to watch.
  • Smoking the cigarette, he dies slowly.
  • Lipstick on collar. Wife is leaving.

5 thoughts on “6-Word stories

  1. I spotted this on Dec’s site too I think. Here were my little offerings.

    ‘The little raincoat swang, still dripping.’

    ‘Silvery dust motes fell upon her.’

    ‘The huge monastry door yawned open.’

    ‘Pudding Lane was roasting that night.’

    ‘Hen night: a real fairy appeared.’

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