Tron Legacy – I’m Scared


I guess if you have been living under a rock, you might not know that Tron Legacy is coming to theaters this upcoming week. I remember my emotions when I first heard the news that the sequel to one of my favorite movies ‘ever-ever-ever’ is coming out, and in IMAX 3D no less!

First was denial – “A Tron sequel? No way!”

Then was interest, “What’s it about?”

Then was fear, “I hope this is good.”

This is spawned from concerns that go back to the first movie, which I love. Yes, I love Tron, but it has problems… huge problems, gaping problems in the story and in the dialog that even an accomplished actor like Jeff Bridges could not possibly breathe life into or compensate for.

“Do your worst, all-mighty Master Computer!” Really? Yeah… really.

Still, this is one of my favorite movies of…. Ever. I recall the first time I watched it in the theater and the girlfriend I was with, who went to humor me but could care less about the movie. In those days, arcade games were still pretty big business. Personal computing had not yet caught on with the masses, and if it did, it was probably a TRS-80 or Commodore computer. Maybe even a Timex Sinclair 1000! 1983 was a different world, almost primitive compared to the things people do today with computers.

The soundtrack to Tron Legacy by Daft Punk was released last week, and there has been almost as much buzz around this as the movie with special-effects laced commercials. It’s an incredible score that captures the essence of being in a computer and I love this soundtrack! The track, ‘End of Line’ is awesome! But how’s about that movie? Will I love it?

That is my fear. Just to spell it out, “What if Tron Legacy sucks.” I’m definitely has that potential, and failure seems to wink at me through the movie commercials and trailers I watch. It just seems there is a high margin to go amiss here, after all, the predecessor had glaring failures too, but still I loved it. Could the same be true here? If the plot and dialog was ridiculous, could I overlook it with the same loving eye I did the first movie? Am I too old and critical to see the magic beneath the flaws? I don’t know.

Tron Legacy comes out next week, and my wife, son and I are making an event of it. We are going out to eat and then to the movie (Imax 3D, of course), and we are even going to dress up a little for it. That is the way it should be for a spectacular movie release, and we are giving it the benefit of the doubt. When the theater darkens and the previews are done, I will be holding my breath, crossing my fingers and praying that it is good. Maybe my eyes will be open and maybe they won’t.

End of line.


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