Pushing on… second wind

As I write this, there is about 32 hours left until 12 PM Nov 30.  That is when Nanowrimo concludes.  I have 2500 words left to go to reach the 50k word goal, but it’s not going to be a complete first draft.  I’m just not ready to finish it and there is more story to tell in my novel.

write your novel-phone wallpaperOf course, we are talking about a rough first draft.  I fully expect that when I take a pass through in the second draft, I’ll trim over 20k words.  Those 2000 words I wrote about opening a bottle of wine?  Probably trim that down to about 50. The subplot with sewer cannibals in Kiev?  That has to go.  I spun many a yarn up around the sewer cannibals, their character development and back story.  I fabricated some weak tie-in to the main plot by making the adopted boy a Sewer Cannibal Prince, taken by the surface dwellers, and the cannibals were storming the hotel to regain their royal heir.  Seriously… I wrote that.  I’m not proud of it, but eh… I wanted to see where it goes.  Even as I wrote that part, feverishly banging away at the keys, I somehow knew it would be cut at a later point.  Still, I kept writing it.

That’s the beauty of writing without an outline.  You know where you want to go, but you don’t have a predefined route to get there so you find yourself taking back roads and sometimes getting a little lost, but that in itself is quite an adventure sometimes.  It can be in those moments that pure magic happens.

When I’m done with Nanowrimo, I’ll have to evaluate the whole thing and see what I really learned.  For now, I’ll say that what I have learned is:

1. When a character is opening a bottle of wine, there is no need to get explicit in the detail.  Just say he opened the wine.  Good enough, that.

2. Sewer Cannibals has a creepy-cool vibe and I may surface this is in something else, but my nice story about a couple adopting a little boy in Ukraine?  It does not fit there.

3. Writing because you have to is not near as much fun as writing when you really want to.  It became work.

That’s it for now.  I have to go do 2500 words before midnight tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Pushing on… second wind

  1. Mitch,
    This has been a ride, huh? When you were explicating opening wine bottles, I was whining–for a glass of Riesling, chilled. I got a cup of coffee instead.
    When you were writing about sewer cannibals, I was writing about sewage–the human variety and unfortunately when I re-write, they will stay for my novel needs the scum of the earth

  2. PS–remember you said when this was done you’d help me set up a blog? I’m collecting on that, for now I’m hooked on writing. Thanks–and I mean that sincerely.

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