I Am Daddy, Almighty!

Excerpt from The Spencer Report dated April 18, 2001
Spencer is 2 years old

I realized something this morning, as Spencer sat in his high-chair and I did a lame soft-shoe while singing Tea for Two in a silly silly_walks_small[1]voice to try to make him laugh. Apparently, I am not cool. As it dawned on me what I was doing, any inkling that maybe I was cool sometimes evaporated from my ego, and I was left shuffling my feet across the kitchen floor with bemused awe at the revelation. I might as well pull my pants up past my navel, start driving a minivan and just be done with it.

It was at this point that, graciously, my wonderful son broke into laughter, and nothing else mattered. My son was laughing! Ha-ha! I am Daddy, Almighty! I wield the power to make my child laugh!

What’s a little soft-shoe, bad singing and humiliation, when my son laughs? It is but a match compared to the sun.


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