Playing Golf in front of the TV – Tiger Woods 10 for the Wii


I like the Tiger Woods video game series, and have played both TW8 and TW9 on the Xbox 360, logging probably 30+ hours working my way through the tournaments, so I am quite familiar with the series. This year, I bought Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for the Wii. The sub-standard graphics on the Wii hurt the game a great deal. The on-screen representation is very jaggy, and this is even more evident in the day and age of HD games, TV and Blu-Ray. We have acclimated to seeing a clean, pristine picture. This is not. I also find the “point at stuff on the screen and push a button” menu navigation to be cumbersome to use. To make it worse,  the sound in the game is bland, with lame commentary and of course, the Wii has only Stereo capability. And despite these critical drawbacks, the game absolutely rocks! Why?

The brilliantly implemented swing controls on the Wii make the gaming experience a true simulation of real golf. Unlike other Wii games where often you can just wiggle the controller and accomplish what you want, this game demands that you get up on your feet, holding the Wiimote as you would the grips of a real golf club. If you want to hit the ball hard, you will have to swing hard. Twist the grip a bit too much and you will slice your shot to the side. Putting requires concentration and precision. Overall, this just FEELS like a golf game.

While there are a lot of interesting features, a surprise to me was the addition of a Disc Golf game.  Tigerwoodsdiskgolf[1]Having played disc golf back in my younger days, I was very pleased to find it here. The controls are very precise and just like throwing a Frisbee. It’s a fun and perhaps lighter take on the more serious game of golf.

If you own a Wii and have even the remotest interest in golf, I encourage you to try this one out. The additional Wiimotion plus sensor makes the game controls precise indeed. It is like really playing golf, and that can be a very frustrating experience, and also one that seems amazingly rewarding.


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