No, K-cups are not a bra size.  (But if it was… wow!)  K-cups are small, sealed, plastic cups with premeasured amounts of coffee in them.  Just pop it into a Keurig coffee maker, push a button, and 20 seconds later, enjoy a fresh brewed cup of coffee.   Literally hundreds of different coffees, teas and cocoas are available in K-cups.


I’ve been a fan of single-cup coffee brewing systems ever since we got a really nice one at my office.  We recently bought the Keurig Elite (model B40) for our home, and I love it.  Clean-up is a breeze… no coffee filters to mess with, no messy coffee grounds.  When it’s done, just pop out the K-cup and throw it away, and add water to the reservoir once in a while.

I think the K-cups are a great idea if you like having a variety of coffees and teas available, and if you are not a family who drinks a whole pot of coffee in a morning.   K-cups sell for about $2.95 for 5, or $9.95 for 18, and seem to be pretty readily available at places like Target or a number of other brick-and-mortar or online retailers.

Keurig – Single cup coffee maker – coffee brewer, gourmet coffee, gourmet tea, K-Cups

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