I have seen the future of mobile connectivity

Imagine being able to seamlessly access your corporate network resources from your notebook computer while remote, without having to do a VPN connection.  Just connect to the Internet, and… shwiiiing!!!  You can access your internal network web sites, terminal servers, email, etc.    

DirectAccess is one of the many new features of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, and it provides a secure method of allowing a client machine to access internal resources, just as if they were on their corporate network.  It does this without running an application, and without launching a VPN.

It is stunningly brilliant and could not be simpler for the end user, but I am told that the deployment is pretty involved.  Dust off Joseph Davies’ book, Understanding IPv6.  You’re going to need it. 

Read a bit more about this at: Windows Vista Enterprise Windows 7 & DirectAccess Mobile Computing


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