Crime comes to the ‘burbs

crime scene Bad news, baby.  My neighbor’s home was burglarized today, and he lost several thousand dollars in computer and video equipment.   Apparently, they came in through the (unlocked) gate to his back yard, and then compromised the back door of his home to get in.  This happened at around 5 PM CST.  Daylight hours, while he was not at home.

Now… I live in a nice, quiet, suburb.   It’s a comfortable family community with the houses being between 2500 and 5000 sq ft and less than 3 years old, and where kids play in the open freely.  An elementary school is less than 50 yards from my door.  I did not worry too much about criminal activity.   Until recently. 

There have been several break-ins in the subdivision recently, and one was at night, while the people were home.  There have also been a few things stollen from parked cars – ipods, GPS and so on.  Crime like this, in an area like this, is a scary  artifact of economic stress and what people will resort to when pushed into a corner without any options.

So… for the first time in the two years I have lived in this home, I picked up the manual and learned how to program our alarm system.  Firearms are a consideration where I never before thought I needed it.  My family feels a little less secure.    I know many others have it much worse, but in the yardstick in which one can measure the quality of life… not living in fear is a value that I have taken for granted for a long time.  No longer, man.  No longer.


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