All of my "free time" (and some time that should be spent on other things) is currently owned by 2K Game’s BIOSHOCK! on Xbox 360.  It’s been a while since I’ve been this immersed in a game (Gears if War).  BIOSHOCK is a different breed of shooter from the lot… one that is driven by a complex, adult and way-creepy storyline.  I was hooked, right from the moment the plane crashed at the beginning of the demo.  I went out and pre-ordered it the next day.
Reviews of the game are nothing short of stellar and I agree with them whole-heartedly.  This will keep me going until Halo 3 releases on 9/25/07.  The game is alos on PC, but make sure you have a very beffy box before trying to run this game on it.  Xbox 360 is trhe way to go here.
Take a look at the launch trailer:

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